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Glam Girl Goodies

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Every month we search the internet to bring you themed boxes to help you bring out you inner Glam. Every so often, we have a mystery box that will contain even more Glam items.

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Our Team

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Suzi, Owner

She oversees the operation

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Mari, Lead Consultant

If it's Glam, she's on it

Dave, Owner, Logistics and Tech

If it's out there, he finds it

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So How does it work?

Every month, we select products that will compliment your inner glam and will have new items, usually themed to the season. All boxes will contain a makeup item and nail item. However, the fun part is the accessories that are selected every month.

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So what can I expect each month and when will it arrive?

This is part of the fun of receiving your box every month. You never know what you will be getting. Each product is picked out by the team to help bring out your inner glam. Orders typically ship the 3 week of the month with a target delivery by the beginning of the next month.

Is there any way to order the products individuslly from you?

Unfortunately no. We order in large quantities and have limited room to store these awesome products In the future, we will have some box upgrades but as of right now, we are sticking to the boxes only.

Can I cancel anytime?

Sort of. If you want to cancel your account and stop receiving these incredible products, please reach out to us. Cancelations, need to be done by the 1st of the moth in order stop stop next month's box.

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Please follow us on on social media accounts for product reviews, unboxing of each month's order and other foolishness we put out there. The links are below.


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